Saturday, December 25, 2010

Draco Lemon Oneshot

Name: Nikita Fate
Age: 16
Race: pure blood wizard
Personality: nice, funny, honest, sweet, random, crazy
Friends: just about everyone and draco
Looks: Long black hair, green eyes, slim, D cup, 5'5
House: slytherin

You would never guess that my best friend is draco malfoy, its pretty understandable why. I've known him since were kids, I met him when I was about 5 and ever since we've been friends, our parents are also good friends. Anyways I sat in potions class next to him, “ draco can you help me” he rolled his eyes and helped me out “ don't roll your eyes at me” I said flicking his head. I heard him growl at me and I smiled. I was so excited today was the last day before christmas break. “ i'm still spending break with you right?” I asked him he nodded. I always spent christmas break with him, then my parents would come over new years eve.


I went to my room grabbing my things and then went to meet draco outside.

Ω Draco’s houseΩ

I walked in and followed him upstairs, I went to the spare bedroom, and he went to his room. I set my suitcase on the bed and unpacked my things. As I was unpacking I heard a knock on the door, I turned around and saw draco's father in the doorway, I smiled “ hello mr. malfoy” “ hello nikita, have you seen draco?” he asked I nodded telling him he was in his room last time I saw him. And he walked off. I finished putting everything away and shut the door. I loved being here for christmas break, especially my room, it was huge a queen size bed night stand beside it and two dressers, fire place couch and I also had my own bathroom. I grabbed a pair of jeans, and a purple t-shirt that fitted to my body, and went to the bathroom I showered then got out changing, I walked out of my room and down the hall.

As I got closer to draco's room I could hear whispering, I slowed down trying to hear but couldn't, then it stopped, I backed away from the door and acted like I was just walking down the hall, draco's dad walked out of the room and went downstairs, I went into his room. He was on his bed with his head in his hands. “ draco?” I called his name quietly he didn't say anything so shut the door behind me and I walked over and knelt down in front of him. “ draco, are you okay?” “ yeah i'm fine” he said “ good because I need to tell you about something” I said smiling and crawled on his bed, I sat against the headboard and he sat in front of me “ well, out with it” “ well I don't know how your going to take this but I'm in love with ron weasley”.

Next thing I knew I was in between his legs he was gripping my shoulders. “ don't ever say that you love him! ” he demanded. “ i'm sorry, I was just kidding” I said hugging him tightly. I hated when he got mad “ but I do love someone” I spoke softly as I said that. “ who” he said pulling away, and getting off me. “ i'm not telling” I said getting off his bed “ come on niki” he said using the nickname he gave me when we were kids, and grabbed my hand. “Nope, now I think i'm going to go and lay down, i'm tired” I said walking out of his room and into mine, I laid down on my bed and shut my eyes.

Ω christmas eve after dinnerΩ

I walked into my room and changed into a pair of shorts and t-shirt, it wasn't cold in the house which was good. Draco's parents had gone to bed and I walked to his room. I knocked quietly and then went in. “ draco?” I called his name shutting the door behind me. He had the fire going and he was laying in his bed, I smiled and ran over jumping on his bed “ Bloody hell!” he yelled waking up, I sat there laughing at him, I felt him push me and then I fell on my back. “ you weren't sleeping were you?” I said smiling sitting up. “ not at all” he said rolling his eyes “ what do you want niki” I was still smiling he was shirtless and in boxers, “ I cant sleep, can I lay with you? Please” I asked he groaned and pulled the covers back, I crawled under and laid my head on the pillow listening to the fire cracking, 10 minutes must of past while listening to the fire, I rolled over and looked at draco seeing him sleeping.

I sighed, “ Merry christmas draco, I love you” I whispered, knowing that I would never be able to tell him the truth, I lightly kissed his lips, and got out of the bed and sat in front of the fire, I brought my knees up to my chest resting my head on them. I sat there for a few minutes then heard movement behind me, I knew he was standing behind, I could feel his gaze on me, so I stood still I didn't turn around “ niki” he called my name, still I said nothing I felt his arm around my waist and pull me towards his body, my eyes widened when I felt a sudden bulge in my lower back, I turned around only to meet his lips, I wrapped my arms around his neck as the kiss deepened he massaged my tongue with his.

I pulled away and put my finger on his chest walking him backwards to his bed pushing him down onto it. He pulled me onto his lap and kissed me while pushing his hard member into my area, I moaned, I pulled away taking a sharp breath letting it escape as a moan, as he did it again “ you like that niki” he said seductively in my ear “ draco, please” I begged, I felt him press his lips against my neck immediately hitting my soft spot, “draco” I moaned his name as he sucked and lightly bit on it, also pushing himself against me. His hands fell on my hips pushing me harder onto him, and he let out a moan as well. “ if you want me, you have to work for me.” he said squeezing my breast.

“ and what did you have in mind” I asked. “surprise me” he said, I smirked, moving my hips in a circular motion and bouncing slightly, I head him groan and my hand rubbed the outside of his boxers “ n-niki” he moaned starting to tremble “ wanna know something” I asked seductively he groaned and I took that as a yes “ i'm not wearing anything under this” I said slipping my hands under my shirt and squeezed my breast “ bloody hell” he groaned breathing heavily. He crashed his lips to mine and pulled off my shirt breaking the kiss and grabbed my breast taking my left boob in his mouth twisting his tongue around the nipple and then bit on it lightly, after getting the result he wanted he moved to the other one and then went back to my lips.

I pulled away “ my turn” I said seductively to him, rubbing his erect member. I pushed him on his back and then kissed his neck, my hand stayed on the outside of his boxers rubbing him, I heard him groan as my lips brushed over his sculpted body and down to the edge of his boxers, I kissed along the edge and then pulled them off. I pressed my tongue to the head and sucked on it, I heard him groan again and I smirked, I stopped and licked the length of him, then put as much of him in my mouth as I could fit and my hand held the rest I sucked and bobbed my head while my hand also moved. I felt his hands in my hair. “n-nikita” he moaned my name as his member throbbed in my mouth, and he groaned releasing his seeds into my mouth. I swalloed and kissed his lips. I was suddenly on the bed and he was above me.

His hands moved to my shorts and pulled them off. “ niki, are you sure” he asked I nodded and felt a rush of pain, but was soon subsided with pleasure, I bucked my hips but he still didn't move “ draco, please” I begged scratching at his back, he groaned as I did this and started thrusting into me, fast and hard. With every thrust I moaned, my breath was shorter, I felt him pull out and looked at him, “ turn over” he demanded and I did getting on my hands and knee's I felt him thrust back into me harder and faster this time, “ Draco!” I almost yelled his name grabbing onto the sheets, I could hear him panting as his grip on my hips tightened. “ i'm going to-” “ I know me too” he said and thrusted into several more times before we both released and I collapsed panting, he pulled out and laid net to me “ I love you too nikita” he said kissing my lips and pulled the blankets over us he moved me closer to him and I wrapped my arms around his chest as he put one under his head and the other smoothed me hair. I shut my eyes and fell asleep.